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Traditional Screed

Standard cement and sand screeds with fibre reinforcement are a layer of material laid in situ and consist of bonded, un bonded, floating and other constructions. The screeding system is used for obtaining a defined level to receive final floor coverings such as ceramics, carpet, wood flooring, etc.

Traditional screed can be produced either at a ready mix plant from various suppliers or on site using screed pump and pumped to installation area.

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Flowing screed

LMA Floor Screeding installs flowing screed for jobs that require a quick, easy insertion and excellent results. Flowing screed is designed to flow freely, level on its own and compact without assistance.

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Self-levelling screeds

LMA Floor Screeding uses Gyvlon screed for projects that require large area coverage in a short space of time, with quick drying and minimal shrinkage.

To order your floor screeding installation, or to talk to the experts about the type of screed implementation that is best suited to your project, please call us on 07412991992