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LMA Floor Screeding

LMA Floor Screeding is a floor screeding specialist, constantly delivering professional innovating services across London and south east.

Our strategy is to grow the business and further strengthen our relationships with clients and key partners by adding a wider range of services.

All our teams are dedicated to offering an exceptional level of customer service as well as the highest quality workmanship. The reputation of LMA Floor Screeding has been built on customer satisfaction, and ensuring every project runs smoothly from pre-tender discussionsthrough post installation advice.

LMA Floor Screeding is committed to the preservation and enhancement of Health and Safety as an integral part of the organisation. We take seriously at all times to comply with relevant health and safety legislation and other requirements, taking active measures to ensure a safe and healthy environment for staff, sub-contractors and clients in which we work. Our mission statement: “To deliver quality, innovative and professional services and solutions for all our customers by being the market competitor at a fair cost and in a manner that ensures the continued success and growth of LMA Floor Screeding Limited and its staff.”